Enjoy A Sample of the "Angels All Around Us" Guided Meditation Audio:

The Secrets of Angels Revealed

  • Discover how to communicate with Angels and get the help you need when you need it. We’ll show you how (it's easier than you think!).
  • Learn how to recognize Angels, be an Earth Angel, and bring Angelic Energy into your everyday life.
  • Open your heart to miracles & play in the realm of Angels to create your very own Heaven On Earth.

It's time you stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders...

Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Sadness, Worry, Need to Control, Need of Approval...

The sense of “it’s all just too much”.

You’re carrying so much weight on your shoulders.

Life is stressful... and you only have to turn on the News to be hit with terrible & heart-wrenching situations happening in the world.

There is no better time to let go of the struggle and make miracles happen in your life with the help of your invisible helpers!!

Divine Helpers who would love to assist... you've just got to ask! 

"It’s time to release your pain. You CAN create your very own heaven on earth. 

The Angels Club is here to support
& guide you!


Open Your Heart

Play in the divine field of Angels where nothing can go wrong & fill your body with the most beautiful vibrations and energy!

Expand Your Awareness

Learn about Angels, learn how to communicate with Angels & experience Angels in your everyday life.

Heal Your Life

Experience more grace, ease, and joy in life by raising your vibrations through the help of Angels; all you have to do is ask!

Overcome Obstacles

Feel supported and loved, attract more abundance and love in your life, and therefore increase your ability & confidence to overcome any challenge.

Soothe Your Soul

Heal your Soul through Angelic Transmissions which will benefit your mind, heart, and physical body helping to increase your immunity & improve your overall health.

Great for KIDS, too!

Ideal for Kids! Teach them how to connect to their Divine Helpers early on in life!

"I've done some work with them and it's quite phenomenal!" "

"I have experienced Drs. Joy & Roy Martina in a session and I am very impressed with their Methods. I really encourage you to check out their website and to work with them. I've done some work with them and it's quite phenomenal!" "

-Jack Canfield (Originator of the 100 million-copies sold of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series)

"What Drs. Joy and Roy teach is magic. Instant manifestation happens.

What you desire can come really quickly. If you have some blocks towards the instant manifestation of your desire, you can really let them go, and go through life to manifest your dreams. It's really, really MAGIC working with Joy & Roy. Full of miracles."

-Patrizia (Omega Health Coach, Italy)

There is no better time than NOW.

Let go of the struggle & allow miracles to unfold.

You are not alone.

Your Angels are by your side!

As an Angels Club Member, You Receive:

2 BRAND NEW Channeled Angel Meditations per month that bring in the energy of a specific Angel

Each month, you will receive 2 BRAND NEW Angel Meditations channeled by yours truly, Drs. Joy & Roy Martina. Out of everything that we offer, we've been asked to bring Angelic Support to you & others.

Each month, you'll dive deep into understanding and connecting to the specific energy of each Angel. 

Each Meditation is Chakra-Healing as it guides you through & brings Angelic Energy through each Chakra creating a holistic healing experience each time you listen.

Learn about, discover, and bring in the energy of the following Angels: Anael, Angel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Guardian, Hadraniel, Israfel, Jesus, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael, Mihr, Pashar, Ramaela, Raphael, Uriel and others!

Enjoy this 2 minute Sample of the Archangel Rafael Healing Meditation
(an extremely powerful healing experience!):

Angel Club Calls,
LIVE Card Readings,
Inspirational Angel Messages

& Angelic Energy Transmissions to heal every aspect of your life

We host LIVE Card Readings and provide "Angels Club Calls" where we will focus on healing & clearing common issues while also sending prayers for world healing.

  • LIVE Card Readings with Drs. Joy & Roy... and often their daughter Grace will tune in too!
  • Angels Club Calls with Group Clearing, Tapping, and Prayers for World Healing

S ~ Digital Book
by Dr. Roy Martina, MD

Dr. Roy Martina has dedicated his whole life to science in the search for methods to help people be healthy and maintain their health. He's a practical man & M.D. and the methods he has developed are completely focused on effectiveness and rapidity.

If you follow the advice in this book, you will meet Angels and notice their influence in your life.

"So, when you are manifesting Angels in your life, you know that there is a logical explanation for that. Seek and you shall find!" ~ Dr. Roy Martina

The Prayer of Gratitude 

Scientifically designed to expand upon your existing sense of gratitude and emotionally structured to resonate with the core of ‘happiness’ inside you, this resource can be used day and night to accelerate career growth, initiate financial improvements and forge deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Not just a mundane list of the ways to practice gratitude, this prayer makes the art of gratefulness a part of your life.

Live better and attract more of what you want! You will love what you can achieve by being appreciative of what you already have.


For your kids or the kids in your life!

The Kidz Fairy Tale meditation is created to equip your child with a sense of fair play, selflessness and a strong moral compass, along with a naturally relaxed and happy disposition.

And all this happens while they are on an exciting journey to beautiful places where they meet magical animal friends who help them focus on the good things in life, improve their skills and also heal them in the process.

Kiddy tested and approved, this Guided Meditation for kids is an investment that is worth its weight in gold.

With ever-green and fun characters like the Dolphin, Fox, Panda, Wise Owl and magical Chimpanzee, your kids will thank you anew for this gift every year of their life.

Your Club Membership creates Angel Energy Worldwide!

WE is the power of all of us working together to transform the world.

WE is empowering sustainable development, taking action through education and making conscious consumer choices.

WE is "Free The Children," "WE Day" and "ME to WE." Together, these three organizations make up a family of organizations that work to empower each of us to make the world a better place.

$1 from all Angel Club Members Monthly Memberships will be donated towards WE & Free the Children Organizations.

Join us, and together we’ll make sure that everyone’s gifts have a chance to shine.

"We were all enthralled..."

On behalf of the Vienna International Centre’s Body, Mind & Spirit Club, I would like to thank you both again for the lecture you presented. We have had an overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback. The style of your presentation – so informative, deeply relevant, spiritual, yet down-to-earth and highly practical for daily life… we were all enthralled. I also want to reiterate our gratitude for your incredible generosity. You both are people who live, inspire and lead by example.

- United Nations, Vienna (Austria)

"Thank you both for supporting my Vision...."

I just listened to your Angel Meditation... My entire being is very grateful and I feel so blessed beyond time and space... what a bliss... !

- Carmen

"You are a model for the entire world!"

You are both a model for the entire world! Love is the greatest force in the Universe, and you are teaching love. Your life is the greatest example! Thank you very much for all your support.

- Anca Pavel (Musician, Italy)

"It brings me HOPE, positive vibes, and encouragement!"

I wanted to write to the both of you for THE BEAUTIFUL WORK that you do TOGETHER... THANK YOU!!! It does me so good... brings me HOPE, positive vibes and encouragement!!! Joy... may I say also that you have a beautiful voice for these kinds of recordings.

It was just what I needed in this moment.. I let flow again... the idea that I may do something for the world. Already so THANKFUL for the lovely work you both realize together and for shining it out to me and the world!

- Nadia Albertyn 

What You’ll Receive...

Monthly Meditations, Club Calls, Group Healing & Clearings, LIVE Card Readings & MORE
(we LOVE to SURPRISE You!)

We're going to have so much fun manifesting Angelic support in your life!

The Angels Club has been created for YOU... to learn how easy it is to communicate with Angels & bring more ease, grace and joy into your life on a daily basis. Join today to begin your Angelic journey.

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"The best part is that LOVE is at the center of it ALL!"

This work has changed my life. It has transformed me emotionally, physically & spiritually. It's cutting edge therapy. The best part is that LOVE is at the center of it ALL!"

- Hans Häberlings (Trainer & Therapist)

"I really want to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your work..."

The channeling with Joy was really great and packed of useful information. It is true that sometimes our skepticism sits next to us during this kind of session (at least like gentle ghost inside us doubting every “strange” unclear message), it is also true that in two different moments my guide, who spoke through you, was aware of certain unique information that you as person could not know.

I am very impressed.

Also the past life regression was really interesting. In the light of what is happening in my life now, what I felt and the lesson I got in the session, this will certainly help me in future.

In addition to that, I really want to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your work, letting me feel your soul and who you are. I really thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

- Massimo, Italy (Company CEO)

It’s time to put an end to constantly feeling
overwhelmed, sad,
or pained. 

Stay connected to the Angels and us to feel supported, no matter what...

Join now and we'll send you additional resources that will aid you in your journey of transforming pain & struggle into love and light. 

Remember, through the Angels Club, you’ll also be a part of a global network of Angels giving back & making a difference.

$1.00 of your monthly membership goes directly to the Angels Club Fund and will support We.Org projects around the world.

Imagine thousands of Earth Angels (like you!) donating $1 per month!

Imagine the CHANGE we can bring to the world, TOGETHER.

Be the Change you wish to see in the world and increase your impact by embracing Angels, Angelic Energy and the Force of GOOD!

Join the Club and make a difference in your life through The Angel Club while helping others who are most in need, too!

We can be a Unified Force of bringing Love, Health & Happiness to others while helping & healing ourselves, too!

Here's a Summary of What You’ll Receive...

  • 2 BRAND NEW Angel Meditations every month; channeled wisdom by Drs. Joy & Roy Martina
  • LIVE Club Calls & Angelic Transmissions to connect to Angels, Healing & Playfulness
  • BONUS: Angels All Around Us (digital book) by Dr. Roy Martina + The Prayer of Gratitude 
  • Be a part of a Global Network of like-minded people connecting to Angels & bringing more Light & Love into the world

Drs. Joy & Roy's Angels Club:

$1 per month put into the Angels Club Fund to support We.Org projects around the world. Just imagine... thousands of Angels Club Members bringing change to the world! We can do this!

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100% Satisfaction

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"Our promise to you is that this is the best $9.90 per month you invest into your life each & every month."


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